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Z.u.L. User Pages

This is about exchanging knowledge between users of C.a.R. You can edit this and each other page. To give these pages some frame, I have set up sections with tables. You may add a new line in each table with link to a subpage and a description. Please use the namespaces to keep this site managable. Have a look at the page with hints.


Tutorials are documents that explain C.a.R. beyond what is in the official documentation. If some user finds out something, he (or she) is invited to share its knowledge. Please use the namespace tutorials:... for this section.

Installation Program shortcuts and associate files to C.a.R.
Macros Details on macros in C.a.R.
Tracks Details on tracks and automatic tracks.
Graphics for LaTeX How to use C.a.R. Graphics in LaTeX.
Translate C.a.R. How to localize C.a.R. in your language.


This section should contain examples for C.a.R. You may add anything nice and useful here. If you have many examples, refer to a new page with an index of the examples or with an external link. Please use the namespace examples:... for this section.

Maximizing Which segment has maximal length, if the endpoints are on two circles and the segment goes through one interesection point?

gut pokern


This is for posting geometry problems. You may pose a problem without solution. Users may add a solution or start a discussion. If you have many problems, start a new subpage.

Minimization ProblemWhich triangle has minimal area, if the three corners are on three different circles?

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