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On this page, you find hints to the style of these C.a.R. pages, to the syntax for editing pages and general hints on how to create and link pages.

The Editor

To be able to edit, you need to login into these pages. If you do not have an account, you need to register and create your user name and password. Please use save passwords! This wiki needs to be able to write cookies. In Firefox, you can add the server name (currently to the execption list for cookies.

To work on a page, click on “Edit page”, or on the small buttons “Edit” at the end of each section. A page with a text box will open. You can enter or edit the text in that box. Use the buttons above the box for shortcuts. Note the box to upload files and the box to sign your contribution on the right end of the icon bar.


Have a look at syntax for the full description of the syntax of this Wiki.

New Pages

You generate new pages by entering a link to it. The link will be in red. To create the page, follow the link. You will be asked if you want to create the non-existing page. If you do that, the link will become green.

Please use the name spaces! You simply prefix your page title like in myname:test. The name space is generated autoamtically.

You cannot delete pages. You can only remove the link. Only the administrator can delete pages or content.


Users can upload pictures and other files only if the administrator allows. If you want to upload into this Wiki, you need to ask the administrator. Write a mail to the following link

Rene Grothmann

Please use name spaces to organize your pictures. You simply name your picture myname:image.gif. Otherwise, this Wiki will get too complex to handle. You should also crop your pictures to proper size before uploading.


HTML code can be used in this Wiki. This should only be used to setup C.a.R. applets. I already uploaded the zirkel.jar archive for you. You must upload your construction, of course. Remember to use a name space myname:test.zir for your construction. You will also need the permission to upload (see above). The code for C.a.R. applets is the following.

<div align="Center">
<applet CODEBASE="data/media" ARCHIVE="zirkel.jar"
CODE="rene.zirkel.ZirkelApplet.class" width="500" height="400">C.a.R. Applet
<param name="file" value="mypages/test.zir">
<param mane="style" value="3d">

Questions of Style

Wikis are collaborative. This works surprisingly well in most cases. I hope it will work for this Wiki too. Here are a few rules.

You can read and edit anything.

  • You can fix simple typos and clear errors without notice. You should point to the error in your summary on each edit.
  • Major errors should not be removed simply, but you should add an addendum below the error and point the author to it. He will fix himself.
  • Unclear things should be discussed. You should add a link below the page to a discussion page. Use pagename-discussion as a name for this discussion page.

You should sign the changes of the last two kinds. There is a signature button on top of the edito box. The mail address will be obfuscated. That looks like this

Rene Grothmann 2005-11-27 17:57

However, just go ahead. Nothing bad can happen. Old versions are always available.

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