You can leave a description or greetings or anything here. It’s just a guestbook!

I have been using C.a.R. since version 2.3 and like all the improvements since then. It is a great program. Steven

You are the first here, congratulation! Welcome to all of you. Rene Grothmann (Admin) 2005/11/28 21:44

I thank you very much ! C.a.R. is very nice and powerful. Great job ! I use it at home (for pleasure) and modestly in my middle school where I teach and lead activities around geometric constructions (also for pleasure). Once again, great job ! — David 2006/10/08 14:29

This is a beautiful program - thank you so much for writing it!

This is a great program I found so far. I’m not just using it for learning geometric construction but the most IMPORTANT is I do it for creative and an experimental writing which I called it “graph poetry” @ my blog Thank you so much for writing this program. — Khairulsani Ismail 2010/11/03 04:13


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