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This is a page with questions and answers from user to user. You can just add a question by appending to the list. Longer questions should be put in separate linked files. Use the namespace ‘‘faq:...” for your file. More on this on the hints page.

Sample Question: What is C.a.R.?

C.a.R. means Compass and Ruler and is about constructions with a pair of compasses and a straightedge (ruler). It is a car (:-)) to geometry. Feel free to ask dumb or less dumb questions on this page, just like this one. You should use a good header and maybe add some comments.

Origins of C.a.R.

For those interested in the history of the program, I have a page here.

Expressions and Macros

I create four points : A,B,C,D. I create also an expression named “myExpr” which value is 2. Next, I create a macro “Constr” which creates a fixed-radius circle (center is A and radius is myExpr). Then I create a second circle with the “Constr”-macro. I change the “myExpr” value to 1 : only the first created circle is affected. How to say to C.a.R. to change the second radius circle too ? Thanks. — David 2006/10/08 15:15

You did not specify the expression as a macro parameter. Then the macro runner creates a new expression with value 2. — Rene Grothmann (Admin) 2006/10/16 14:38

Older versions

Can I get any older version anyhow? I’ve got already used to one... or maybe I can make a recent version look like that one? thanks. — MichaƂ Masny 2007/02/05 18:27

Probably you want to have the old icons. You can set those icons in the special settings. — Rene Grothmann (Admin) 2007/02/27 09:47

Where are saved the settings?

I mean: I edited the toolbox; then I installed the latest version and I lost all my changes..., so I have to edit the toolbox again :-( Thanks. — Fabio 2008/01/07 20:30

Sorry, this should definitely not be the case. The settings are in your home directory in a file “.zir.cfg”. To find it, open an explorer Window and enter “%USERPROFILE%” into the text field for the directory to open. In case you are under Unix, it is simply “/usr/username”, in Mac OSX I do not know. It is not deleted with new installations. Don’t know what happened. It is thinkable that a crash during the C.a.R. program shutdown deletes this file, but that has never happened to me. — Rene Grothmann (Admin) 2008/01/08 09:12

How do I rotate a figure?

Having created a figure (e.g., a triangle), I would like to be able to select a point and rotate that figure around that point, either by dragging a point on the figure or by entering a number of degrees or radians. Is there a way to do that? Thanks. — Stowe Davison 2014/05/15 18:25

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