This page is for bugs. You can always write bugs to me directly via EMail. This page is to inform other users of possible problems, or discuss “buggy” behaviour of the program. I will remove and outdated old entries from time to time.

Exporting in OS X to EPS and SVG is not working! It creates an empty file with zero bytes content. — GK 2010/10/14 17:46

This is a terrific program!! Small point – the documentation * pokerräume (http://zirkel.sourceforge.net/doc_en/Documentation/Reference.html) refers to an “intersection” button that I have not been able to find. I think it’s no longer there. — Chris Thron 2010/03/21

Icons are not showing for job files when I use FireFox with a MAC using 10.4.11. They do show when using Safari 3.2.1.

Steven Lapinski 2009/03/04

SHIFT-clicking on a point we can make a duplicate of it. But this doesn’t work for points on objects. Is this the wanted behaviour or a little bug? For me it would be better if it works always.

Giovanni Artico 2008/02/25 21:50

Fixed this “undesired behavior” (AKA bug) in Version 8.0.

Rene Grothmann (Admin) 2008/02/26 08:49

When you export graphics as svg, the font-size of text elements is set to zero. This means that text isnt visible when you try to browse the saved graphics. This is silly. Better to omit a definition of font-size completely if the problem is to set an appropriate value. Peter Riber

I have tried to save the pictures from CaR in all four available vector formats. First I created a circle with r=50.0, then File/Save Graphics as/Save as EPS In “Set Export Size” dialogue I used “Exactly scaled with 300 DPI” The generated image was then opened with Illustrator (EPS/SVG/PDF) or FoxiIt (PDF). None of them showed proper radius”. The size in PDF@FoxIt was 27.21; in Illustrator 27.62485(EPS,PDF) and 13.28135(SVG). Using File/Scale 1:1 in cm had no affect on radius. Kris

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